Kennedy Democratic Party

“Saving the Democrats from Left Wing Progressivism”

When was the last time both parties in America cherished the person who presided in the Oval office? If you guessed this man, you would be right!

For the past 60 years, as American culture has evolved, so has the Democratic Party. The Democratic and Republican parties, both, used to practice “Democracy” – that means standing by your values while giving your opposition what they want so that America can go forward. In this 21st century so far, what we see is more like “Domination politics”. If one party gets control of more than one branch of government, they think they have the right to act like Totalitarians! This was never the intent of our Forefathers! The problem is because our electoral system is broken. We have proven that 2 parties is no better than 1. Because the two parties have conspired to shut out all others, that meant that any other opposition parties who wished to have a fair shot at winning an election would have to work within one of the Big Two. This has caused an increasing polarization between the two parties because “Outsiders” have had to push their way in, the Democrats and Republicans are now under the control of extremists from both the Left and Right, respectively.

If you haven’t noticed, in the last three elections before 2020, we were forced to choose either from the “Conservative” or the “Liberal” party.

The problem is that Trump was not a “Republican” (hence the “Never Trumper” Republicans) He was truly the first Independent party Conservative. Pres. Trump won because from 2008-2016, America chose this “democrat”. We all know that President Obama was not a Democrat by any Democratic standard — he was from further Left of the Democrats whom we call “Progressives”. Hence he was the first Progressive Party president (2nd if you want to count President T. Roosevelt as the first). The Progressive Party is a far Left wing party that is equivalent to the Alt-Right on the Right. We are not concerned about what the Republicans or the Alt-Right do because they are a minority but we, Kennedy Democrats, ARE concerned with the takeover of the party by a third party, the Progressive Party, because their values have become aligned with the Communists of the world and Communists have no part of America!! We all know that President Kennedy was anti-communist. That is why the Democrats used to be for a strong military. Ask yourself honestly: what would President Kennedy do if he thought Communists, disguised as Democrats in his own party, were taking over the party?? We can only speculate but one thing we know for sure: the Democratic party would not let President Kennedy be president today! Would President Kennedy a, pro-military, low taxes and for intervening in foreign national affairs to the point of war, president even be recognized as a Democrat today?? If you think we are exaggerating the leftward lurch of the Progressive Party, look at the where the Democratic platform is today…