Value #1- Respect

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Because this party will consist of those coming from the Left or Right of us,

1.) ALL people will be respected, regardless of what they say. The Progressives have begun a VERY undemocratic practice of “cancelling” whatever they don’t like to hear. That is un-American and also illegal as our Laws say that EVERYONE has freedom of Expression! As such, if you don’t like what another member says, you can simply chalk it up as “their opinion”; we will not delete or cancel their speech or writing. That’s the way it always was in America. Blocking or deleting one’s posts or speeches is like someone who goes up and puts a muzzle on you like some animal

How would you like it if someone did that to you every time you spoke?? That’s what is going on everyday folks! Big Tech is not being held accountable for their illegal actions but that is another topic…

However, if a member is clearly being hostile to another because of their creed or speech, we will simply ask one (or both) members to go to one of their other parties because we are sick and tired of the incessant, incestual hatred and bickering going on among the two Big Parties. We want to be the party of Accomplishment. As long as the members are working towards the party’s platform goals, we will not suppress the opinions of its members.

2.) Having said all of the above, that does NOT mean we , as a party, endorse any lifestyle, religion, creed, etc. – it means simply that ALL who are members of this party will respect all others, giving favoritism to no one.

3.) As such, because we don’t want to “Favor” one over another or what is commonly called “Identity Politics”, this platform establishes it’s 1st and most distinctive practice:

The Kennedy Democratic Party candidates WILL NOT vote on any legislation related to any hot button issues such as

  • Gender or Sexuality
  • Race
  • Abortion

Any such legislation that comes forward with these issues will be abstained by all KDP legislatures. We will be the first officially “Neutral” party on these subjects. If/When America can talk about these subjects in a reasonable fashion and without civil strife, we will engage everyone on these issues. Again, we repeat:

If you have a strong opinion on these 3 subjects, this party is not for you! While we acknowledge everyone WILL have an opinion on these subjects, you can advance them on your own media but not within the KD Party. If any KDP candidate attempts to vote on legislation that is mainly about one of these 3, and votes yea or nay, that Congressman/woman will be kicked out of the party ASAP! If these issues are part of a bigger Bill that includes other subjects of interest to us, we will either try to have those subjects separated out to other bills or we will decide, as a party, whether we will vote on the bigger bill in spite of the hot button topics.

Why do we do this? For one, we want to be the party of Unity. The Progressive Party is always bragging about this but yet, they perpetually censor, bash and persecute anyone who does not speak what they speak! They are really the Hypocrite Party (as well as their counterpart) and we will advance America in a way that does not divide us more.

Secondly, when John F Kennedy created the Civil Rights laws 60 years ago ( and enacted by the LBJ administration), he did so for good and perfectly legitimate reasons. He created laws that favored Black Americans because after being liberated for 100 years, they were still stuck in the lowest socio-economic class in America at that point! Those laws have helped lift the Black American community all across America so that today, there isn’t a teacher, administrator, lawyer, judge, legislator and yes, even a President, who isn’t Black and better off than the average American. That doesn’t mean that there isn’t more that can be done for Black Americans but what we don’t want is Progressives who are using these and other laws to reverse-discriminate. JFK never intended for that and because of that, we will take a “Neutral” position on bills and laws that are primarily about favoring one race over another.

Again, if you on the Far Left or you on the Far Right want to continue the fight about Inequality among the races, you go right ahead from your own camps! The Kennedy Democratic Party will have no part of these “discussions”. No two people in America are the same but to continue this racial strife over “Equality” is not productive anymore and overdone, as they say in the food business!

image by Gerd Altman

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