Value # 10 – Election Integrity and Government Transparency

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Introduction: This SHOULD BE a given but is not – if we don’t have election integrity, we have no democracy! It is that simple! To the KDP, this is so foundational (why it is on the bottom of our pyramid) we are going to put forth laws that may go more radical than our existing parties. Among other things, we are going to stop the automatic lawsuits in every election cycle. You know how it goes: when an election is close, the losing party wants a recount and the leading party tries to stop it. We have a solution to this nonsense…

1.) If the election tally is anywhere in the 47-53% range, at any point after 50% of ballots have been recorded, then there will be an automatic recount. No exceptions.

2.) We will seek to eliminate ALL electronic voting. Technology is too easily manipulated and subject to breakdown.

3.) Until then, we will require all owners of electronic voting systems to register their party affiliations. They cannot be Independents or else their machines cannot be used.

4.) All elections shall be verified by someone other than the last winning party (of that position); hence, the elimination of using Secretary of States.

5.) Election Day is well known ahead of time. We will make it an official partial holiday so everyone can come to their voting district on that day and eliminate almost all absentee ballots. Absentee ballots have become renown for cheating. Penalties will be raised against cheaters including a lifetime ban on voting if caught.

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6.) Mail-in ballots will be eliminated for federal incumbencies . States that have only mail-in voting will have to come to a voting center that day and cast their mail ballot for the state positions and vote in person for federal positions. In this way, States Rights will be upheld but eliminate cheating on the federal level.

7.) All federal incumbencies will have a minimum of 4 parties in all elections, even if they didn’t qualify to be listed.

This is the minimal we will do. To repeat: ALL election cheating must cease or expect more uprisings! There is no need for mass revolt if elections are 100% accurate, done without electronic machines and the allowance for everyone to take a partial day off to vote! This is the way to transparency…

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