Value #2 – Elimination of non-democratic, monarchial powers

Introduction: As part of the KDP platform, we designate the 2nd and 3rd principles as our “federalist ethos”. Federalism does NOT mean what people think it means. It does NOT mean that the Federal government supersedes all other governing powers. That is what the Progressives have led people to believe. The simplest definition of “Federalism” comes from “A system of government in which power is divided between a national (federal) government and various regional governments.” We uphold that Constitutional value very seriously and as a result, we will pursue the following agenda —

1.) We will eliminate Executive Order powers ASAP! It should be obvious to the average person that Executive Order power has been thoroughly abused and needs to be eliminated once and for all. Every single presidency, without exception, has written more executive orders than the previous president and it isn’t going to stop ever!! We all know (or should) that our highest leader was NEVER created to be a Monarch – that is precisely why early America created a president with limited powers!

The function of a President was to confirm or nullify treaties; to raise minimum wage for federal workers or to make changes in the District of Columbia alone.

It was NEVER made for a President to change CAFE standards (pollution control), to unilaterally declare war, to bully a State to change their position or any such thing having to do with lawmaking. When we have headlines such as we saw early in Biden’s administration in 2021, “Biden to eliminate all gas cars by 2035“, then it is high time we scrap all Executive Order functions! A President does not control our economy; they do not tell people what they can own or drive, etcetera !! Mind you: we are not against stronger environmental standards (see our value #7) but this is a perfect example of letting (or worse, trying to make) our President act like a King! THIS IS NOT DEMOCRATIC NOR AMERICAN.

2.) A President IS charged with enforcing the laws of the United States. That is the purpose of our Executive branch: to enforce laws created by Congress. As such, under value or principle #2, we propose to punish any presidency who does not enforce ALL laws. American Law is not an a’ la carte system! It has become a practice of the Progressive Party and the Republican Party to only enforce the laws THEY want. It don’t work that way! No President is allowed to pick and choose what they enforce anymore than a Police Chief in a city. And no President can unilaterally defund the program of their choice. (Congress can though)

3.) We will depose Judges who overturn the Referendums or Initiatives of the People. This too has been abused in the Judicial system. We, the People, have the final say on all laws. Period.

4.) The surest way to prevent the usurpation of power by the President is to uphold the Separation of Powers principle. Upholding and strengthening States Rights is the way to do this.

5.) Finally, for the purpose of separating powers and upholding the first amendment, we will create the 2nd unique feature of the Kennedy Democratic party by creating Religious courts for religious matters. Nothing will change in our Court systems; there will simply be an additional court for religious jurisdictions.

The reason for this is because the United States was created to be both a religious and secular nation at the same time. There is no doubt about this but the evolution of our nation has allowed the Progressive and Communists of our nation to take advantage of our “separation of church and state” principle to mean that anyone who doesn’t abide by religious creed or tradition trumps an American who does so as to make religious freedom to none effect. This is obviously not so.

Furthermore, it is clearly a violation and error of our Forefathers to have our Court systems decide on religious matters. One historical example of this was Native American Church of NY v. United States where our Courts decided whether peyote usage by indigenous Americans was an allowable expression of religious freedom. This should not have even been in our courts as it was a religious practice of Indigenous American tribes – an internal matter of theirs alone.

This is just an example of the above but it will be discussed and further expounded as we get KDP congressmen/women into office.

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