Value # 3 – Fiscal Responsibility

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To raise taxes or to lower taxes; that is not the question! Like everything else in our duopolistic system, this is not an either/or position. If we need to raise money for the federal budget, we will raise taxes. If there is bureaucratic overlap, we will eliminate such funding. If people deem their taxes too high for a period, then we will lower the taxes.

In ALL cases, we seek to balance the federal budget because this is what responsible people do – as well as nations! Since the turn of the 21st century, both major parties have irresponsibly turned our national surplus into a deeply out-of-control national debt. It may not affect us yet but like a drunken or addicted person, it will hurt every citizen of this nation – and all other nations!

In general, our tax philosophy will be high taxes for the rich (upper income bracket; above the median) and lower taxes for businesses. This unique position compared to the other 2 parties will allow us to raise income while giving benefit to those who produce jobs for our economy. This is not a hardened position as we said in the first paragraph; paying down our national debt and stopping the constant lifting of the debt ceiling is more of our priority.

As such, we are proposing to using the income from the highest tax payers to reduce our national debt, from now until it is less than a trillion. We will further use ALL budgetary outlays that go unused to the States ( because of penalties or refusal by the state) to be entirely dumped into paying off our national debt.

Fiscally sound = Fiscally responsible — it’s not really a choice if you want to have a healthy future economy .

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