Value #4 – Educational Competition and Reform

Introduction: As part of the KDP platform, we designate the 4th through 6th principles as our “reformational ethos”. There are simply some things that need to be changed. While we used to lead the world in education and longevity of life, we now lead the world in incarceration! This is nothing less than a betrayal of American values. There are a ton of reasons why it became this way but just as JFK lead us out of our toughest problems, so would he today in the next 3 platform principles.

image by Madalyn Eudy

1.) Competition: America obviously believes in competition or else we would be a Communist nation. As such, the Education of America needs to be more competitive once again. It starts not with the students but the Leadership of Education. In our system, a person can be educated in a public, private, or charter school or homeschooled. This makes for four “teams” in the Educational sphere. We intend to take a composite score of the students in each sector every 3 years and whichever “team” is highest, those teachers will lead the Department of Education for a 3 year term in each of their respective state, regional or local districts. More details will come forth as we establish congressmen/women in each state…

2.) (The rest of these are reform): Beginning with the age a person can work in each state: if a student gets more than one D or E in a subject for a semester, that student will be kicked out of school and will have to pay to finish their primary schooling. There are many good reasons for this but the best being that there is no more better motivation to finish primary school than to let a student live on minimum wages for a time – and then pay the school district to let them back in! We all know from experience that students who aren’t in school to learn, are most likely dragging down many other kids who drag down yet others…. and hence, we are not leaders anymore.

3.) (and very importantly) Since the federal gov’t is the primary lender for higher education loans, we can both reduce student debt and wasted college degrees by Lending only to those degrees in need. The Job market says we need S.T.E.M. degrees. The gov’t should continue to lend for that. If a person wants a degree in social studies or gender studies, that is on them. We aren’t going to get to the Moon or Mars with social degrees. It is not a hard thing to create a list every year of the top 15 degrees needed and lend for those. We think Biden’s policy of forgiveness of loans is much needed but besides useless degrees, many of those loans were for “personally tailored” degrees such as (not to pick on just social degrees) plastic surgery. Yes, we need surgeons but because Plastic Surgeons can make so much more, they don’t need the loan backing of the federal gov’t.

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4.) As part of an even larger overhaul of healthcare (principle #6), we will propose a law that gives students a sabbatical 2x in their life before they enter college; once in middle school and one mandatory year after high school graduation before entering college. Yes, this will push the age of graduation to 19 and 20 to enter college but given that we are failing as a people to prepare people emotionally in life, this too is a much needed change.

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