Value # 5 – Wholesale Criminal and Penal Reform

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Some people may find some of our reformational values somewhat radical but neither of the two big Block parties have contained, much less improved the criminality of America. There are many reasons why Crime happens everyday but there is no excuse. We believe both the Conservative’s tough approach and the Progressive’s soft approach is needed to curb both criminality and recidivism.

1.) Reform is top priority: we do not want to see people returning to any form of crime once committed. We will take the soft approach first followed by an iron hand.

2.)Soft: We will maintain the federal spending to the states who reduce police force and increase the number of psychologists, social workers and clergy. (this will be a societal task. No one will be left out including religious workers who do a part). All other funding will be reduced.

3.) Because we expect real reform, from the day our Bills become law, the number of prisons will never be increased from thenceforth.

4.) A new criminal justice scale will be created where all crimes will be rated from 1 to 6. A one will mean that a crime is so heinous the first time that they do not get jail time but rather execution. A six is for “lesser” crimes in which if a person is culpable six times for “minor” offenses, they too will be executed after the sixth time. All crimes hurt someone else!

5.) Hence, execution will be the end for those who do not reform. We cannot keep expecting to increase prison space and when we do, that is a stain on our culture that says we are not willing to stop people from committing crimes! All means will be taken to help people reform when they have committed crimes, whether it be drug mediation, psycho or religious counseling, behavior therapy, you name it but if a person is simply unwilling to reform, they do not deserve our public money for the rest of their lives! The Kennedy Democrats will change this…

6.) Again, as part of our healthcare overhaul (#6), some prisoners may be allowed to work on federal farms just as they clean our highways or make license plates today.

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7.) All prisoners who work towards behavior reform will be allowed to enter a public reentry program, faith-based or other, and qualify to reduce their sentences as they prove themselves. Today’s parole boards have no basis to give mercy other than the “promised words” of our prisoners. This doesn’t work and it will cease with our new bills.

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