Value # 6 – Wholesale Healthcare Reform

Introduction: When we talk about “Healthcare Reform”, we want everyone to be clear that we are not attempting to overhaul the Obamacare system that neither decreased the cost of health care much less improved the health of the buyers. We want people to start realizing that a health care plan DOES NOT bring good health. Rather than having all these government mandated health insurances, we want to ACTUALLY improve American health so that WE are living longer than the rest of the world. It starts by what we take in and our environment…

We will never mandate that people buy health insurance but what we will do is a by-product of the court case that was caused by President Obama’s mandatory insurance law.

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In National Federation of Independent Business v. Sebelius, one of the Supreme Court justices opined that if government can make people buy health insurance, can they mandate that you eat broccoli??Inasmuch as that was to be a bad joke, we will use this precedence as the means by which we will improve the health of all Americans.

It is very simple in concept: instead of fixing the Effect, fix the Cause! In this case, improve our food supply and people won’t ever need a doctor! (Hence, no healthcare insurance. We will only have catastrophic insurance from thenceforth). While there are very many details to this overhaul, we plan to do the following general goals:

1.) Mandate that no less than 1/2 of ALL American farms produce organic food. This cannot be done by fiat and many other things will have to change around this one order. The reason that people are sick is because our food supply has been corrupted from the top of the chain to the bottom. And the reason people don’t buy organic food is because it is priced at twice what non-organic food is. We don’t want to eliminate our capitalist system and Market rates but we can help it get to the place where it needs to be! More organic food supply = lower prices. And the day when organic food is the same price as non-organic, non-GMO food, you can be sure the Buyer will tip the entire farm system to Organic! Who would buy corrupted food at the same price as all natural?!?

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2.) We will achieve the above by by buying some abandoned farm lands, unused malls in urban areas and making every agricultural public school a mandated organically-farmed school. We would fund the buying of these lands by selling off an equivalent amount of federally owned land and then subsidize the rest of farmers through our normal budget until we reached the 1/2 of all farms. This would take no less than 3 years to achieve but it could be done with zero increase in national debt!

3.) Because the gov’t is by nature, non-profit, we can utilize prisoners who are reforming, students on Sabbaticals and all other unemployed people to keep the costs down. When the crops are sold to Market, all income can be fairly distributed to the Producers and Workers. We don’t want Organic farmers to make less than they did before the mandate so we would be shifting the subsidies from non-organic to Organic farmers.

4.) As people consume more real food, health care needs and costs will go down. At some point, we would seek to replace all medical related taxes (Medicare, Medicaid, etc.) with a single Catastrophic care coverage from birth to death. No frills added on: If you get in an accident, you get hospital care. All other needs would fall to regular insurance which should be truly affordable by such a time…

As JFK said long ago, this won’t be achieved in any one administration or maybe our lifetime, but we CAN do it. Sickness doesn’t just happen…

5.) In the meantime, we support Biden’s lowering of the age to receive Medicare rather than a single payer, non-competitive federal system, as long as it doesn’t increase the national debt!

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