Value # 7 – Environment

image by Rustu Bozkus

We freely admit that this block of the KDP platform is probably the only one we will fully have in common with our Progressive counterparts under the Democratic umbrella. There isn’t much we can add to what is being done since it is high priority already.

The only thing we would emphasize is that we should be doing it for the right reasons, not because our planet will become uninhabitable in a couple generations! Be pro-environment because it is good for everyone; good for future generations. We do have some climate changing going on but that has become a code word for once was called “global warming”. We may be warming but I think the proper wording for what we are observing in the world is “global climate disruption“, not “climate change”. The climate has changed and always will. It is a stupid usage by our counterparts. We have the same climate as we always have had but it is becoming more accentuated. That is what is damaging.

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