Value # 9 – International Cooperation and National Sovereignty

image by Gordon Johnson

Introduction: Like many other contemporary issues, we don’t understand why one party is “pro-America” or “for sovereignty” while the other is “anti-America” or for making treaties with other countries that benefit everyone else except us! Like our tax principle where we are neither pro-tax nor anti-tax, what happened to being a sovereign nation while being fully cooperative to as many as we can?? (Especially on environmental and economic issues)

We introduce an important caveat to this block: while we seek cooperation with other nations, we, the Kennedy Democratic Party, will do so only with other democratic, freedom-loving nations. When JFK was last president, the Soviet Union was our mortal enemy. Today, the 2 Big Box parties fail to acknowledge the elephant that has moved into our room (literally & figuratively) because they both benefit from our new enemy, namely Communist China! In fact, they are a greater threat than the USSR ever was !

image by Pete Linforth

Nixon’s doctrine has proven to be an utter failure and we need to reverse it ASAP. As such, we will seek to:

1.) Make environmental treaties with all nations because the environment has no border

2.) Make economic treaties with only democratic , capitalist nations.

3.) a. Seek a Sphere-of- Influence treaty with Communist China

b. And then match their every military move.

4.) Reorganize our relationship with the International Space Station

courtesy of Pixaby

5.) Expand international presence of non-communist nations on the ISS.

6.) Promote interplanetary settlement with all peace-loving nations and especially with smaller nations.

7.) Add a provision to interplanetary settlement (via the U.N.) where no person of nationality on the permanent Security Council may settle on other celestial bodies in our Solar system.

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